#I140EADAP #I140EAD #I140 #HR213 I140 HR213 I140EAD

We all know the pain of waiting for green card to establish our self completely in the Land of free after working for years.. and the constraints we face after we are done filling our I140, we wanted to raise our voice to let the system know that we need ability to freely make some positive career moves in life rather get stuck at a point due to limitations, liability or constraints put by extreme delays in processing Green Card Applications.

We would like to welcome all of you who are in same boat or may join us later to chime in and raise your voice with us to make I140EAD a reality just like H4EAD has become “Dream come true..”


LATEST NEWS : USCIS is requesting comments from everyone who cares for #I140AP

#I140EADAP #I140EAD #I140 #HR213 I140EADAP I140EAD I140 HR213


  1. This is just a one of many small initiative to increase the awareness of I140-EAD rule making process, whom it is going to help and how it will improve life of many hardworking members of the society, If you have any questions comments or suggestions please feel free to post them or email us at communications@i140ead.org

    Himanshu Somani

  2. Hope140 says:

    I just want to know if 140EAD is passed, it will be 140 approved by any employers such as previous employer? I am asking because my current employer has many issues with my current PERM which could not go through.

    Thanks lot,

  3. Awesome job Himanshu, We all appreciate your effort in this good cause. How do we accelerate the awareness and influence towards a positive outcome on I10EAD?

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